Why You Need An Attorney For Estate Planning In Jefferson City, MO


What is Estate Planning? 

Estate Planning determines which of your loved ones gain custody of your assets and belongings after you pass away. Everyone owns a tremendous amount of assets whether it be cars, a home, furniture, or personal possessions. No matter the size of your assets, something has to come of them once you are gone. Hiring an estate planning lawyer will ensure your belongings and legacy are taken care of. 

Estate planning can seem like a daunting task, but the attorneys at Bandré, Hunt & Snider work to make the process easy for you and your loved ones. Our estate planning service ensures your belongings end up in the hands of family and friends. 

The Importance Of Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney In Mid-Missouri

Don’t overlook estate planning and its importance. It’s common to forget about belongings and the amount of assets you own as you go about everyday life. Hiring an estate planning attorney in Jefferson City, MO can ensure no belongings get forgotten. 

Without formal estate planning documents in place, your family will lose immediate access to your belongings after you’re gone. The court then gains access and determines the fate of your assets. When the court gains access, it is hard for your family to receive the belongings you intended for them. Hiring an estate planning attorney at Bandré, Hunt & Snider will help you communicate your wishes clearly through careful planning.

Estate Planning Checklist for Missourians

It’s a difficult time for family members when a loved one passes away. Don’t let your family be burdened with battling the court and financial debts passed onto them. You may ask, when is the best time to hire an estate planning lawyer in mid-Missouri? The answer is simple: It’s never too early to begin planning for the future. Contact our attorneys today for more information.  

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Determine Your Assets’ Worth

Throughout your life, you have incurred assets and belongings you want to be given to your family members. Our experts will help you to determine how to include items into your family’s inheritance. 

Determine Whether A Living Will Or Trust Is Better For Your Family

The attorneys at Bandré, Hunt & Snider understand each situation is unique, so they will help you to determine if a trust or will is better for your family. Each document names beneficiaries and passes belongings on to your loved ones, but one option may be better for your family. 

Trust vs. Will 

A trust is easy to access and can be edited throughout your life. The document is later passed onto a trustee, who is in charge of your assets. A will, on the other hand, does not come into effect until after your passing. It names a legal guardian who is appointed in overseeing the will’s instructions. The two documents are often confused. Contact Bandré, Hunt & Snider for more information on estate planning in mid-Missouri. 

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