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Being charged with a crime is commonly an intimidating and highly-stressful event. Whether you are facing a drunk driving charge, drug charges, assault, or any other type of offense, your livelihood, reputation, freedom, and future may be at stake. Furthermore, if you are convicted, your offense is liable to follow you long into the future impacting your life through a criminal record. 

That is why it is essential to hire a criminal attorney to help ensure your civil rights are protected and the best possible outcome is achieved. A skilled lawyer can review all evidence to uncover flaws and weaknesses in the case against you. Additionally,  the criminal code is complex, and an attorney can explain the charges and the potential consequences of a finding of guilt or full conviction. 

Fortunately, our criminal law attorneys at Bandré, Hunt & Snider can work to help you avoid the serious consequences of criminal charges altogether or significantly minimize them. While no law firm can guarantee results, our firm will always work vigorously on your behalf as the ally and advocate you need in seeking favorable results. 

Arrested or charged with a crime? Under a criminal investigation? Connect with Bandré, Hunt & Snider via our online contact form or by calling (573) 635-2424 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Jefferson City criminal lawyer. 

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We know that results matter and that the best result in any criminal case is a dismissal of the charges. This can often be achieved by hiring a criminal lawyer who will work to suppress damaging evidence, persuade the prosecution of the weaknesses in their case, or persuade judges of insufficient evidence.

If your case cannot be dismissed, then other successful outcomes could include deferral, probation, or a not-guilty verdict following a trial. Our criminal attorneys at Bandré, Hunt & Snider have tried numerous criminal trials and have successfully obtained not-guilty verdicts for clients in the past. 

If you or someone you know has been charged with an offense, we strongly recommend that you contact us to book a confidential consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers for advice and guidance about your case as soon as possible. 

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