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About Real Estate And Property Law

Real estate transactions are full of pitfalls and traps for those who aren’t familiar with the regulations and restrictions governing these processes. Real estate transactions should always be in writing, and one small error in the drafting or interpretation of a real estate contract or document can have catastrophic legal consequences. Typically, real estate is the largest asset owned by individuals and businesses, and thus, becomes a crucial asset to safeguard. It is virtually always cheaper for a real estate and property attorney to keep you out of harm’s way by being involved in the process throughout than it is for the attorney to be called in after mistakes have been made by someone with good intentions.

Why Is A Real Estate And Property Attorney A Good Idea?

Even the most basic of real estate documents can be drafted to benefit the buyer over the seller; the landlord over the tenant; the bank over the borrower, etc. Many years and many lawyers have led to the sophistication of legal documents related to real estate. This and the high value of land, homes and buildings make a real estate investment one worth protecting.

Why Bandré, Hunt & Snider, LLC Should Be Your Real Estate And Property Law Firm

Our experience and knowledge make it so that it is rare that a “new” problem comes before us. We have guided previous clients through countless problems and pitfalls, and can promptly and succinctly provide you with knowledge and advice with respect to your real estate issues. Experience counts when it comes to your legal needs. We represent realtors and brokers, and also those who utilize those real estate professionals. This makes us uniquely qualified to know all of the angles and gamesmanship that come into play when real estate is involved in a  legal dispute. That’s why more and more people come to and utilize our team of expert attorneys. 

We have been involved in the approval of subdivision plats, the sale of entire subdivisions, actions against builders for poor workmanship, and numerous cases where insurers have failed to pay for claims from fire and flooding. Our knowledge and experience with insurance contracts allows us to often find coverage for real estate owners who have been sued or challenged when others would request cash for their services. Our real estate and property lawyers have appeared before planning and zoning boards, dealt with utility provider issues, challenged governmental taking of land, and many disputes between neighboring property owners over land usage and border disputes.

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    “Dave is exactly the type of lawyer you'd want to represent you in sensitive matters.” - Crissy L.
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Real Estate and Property Law FAQ

  • What should I do before purchasing a property?

    It’s very important to check the title of the property. The title should be closely examined to make sure that the property is clear of any claims or liens. We can do this for you. This will ensure that the property is safe to be purchased.

  • Can I evict my tenant?

    Grounds for eviction often depend on the lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Some general grounds for eviction are not paying rent, late payments, breaches of the rental or lease agreement, complaints, illegal use of the property and unapproved subletting.

  • How can getting an attorney involved help with a real estate sale or purchase?

    Buying or selling a home can be a complex transaction, and having a lawyer can simplify this transaction for you by legal proofing every step of the process with your best interest in mind.

  • When selling or buying a home, should I get a lawyer involved?

    Buying and selling a home involves contracts and a significant amount of money, so having an attorney involved in this process is always a good idea.

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