How Mediation Can Ease The Pain & Stress Of Divorce


Divorce entails more than just a marriage ending. Throughout the lengthy process, decisions can be clouded by heightened emotions and financial hardships. When filing for divorce in mid-Missouri , hiring an experienced divorce attorney can help ensure your goals are met in the midst of emotionally taxing circumstances. Whether you are interested in going to court or resolving disputes through mediation, contact an attorney to determine what is best for your scenario.

What is Mediation?

What Does Mediation Mean For Missourians?

Are you looking to file a divorce in mid-Missouri? Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of divorce negotiations. It involves hiring a neutral third party to meet and settle terms of the divorce. The hired mediator serves as a facilitator and will not make decisions for you. It is recommended to discuss your divorce with an experienced divorce attorney to ensure you understand the agreements you will be signing off on. 

Divorce is hard enough as it is outside of legal processes. By choosing mediation, you are able to save money and time by not having a court trial. Most importantly, the divorce becomes more of a negotiation rather than battling your spouse. It allows your dispute to remain private and not become public records, minimizing trauma for children who may be involved.

Why Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer When Meeting With A Mediator?

It can be hard to articulate your desires during a divorce. It is beneficial to have an additional person be there to be your voice when you are not able to effectively communicate your requests. When you hire an experienced divorce attorney in Jefferson City, Mo , it allows you to fully understand the requests you are making during your negotiation.

Although divorce will never be easy, understanding the negotiations is important to reduce stress. An experienced divorce attorney can break down difficult terms and explain what each agreement will mean for the future to minimize pain and stress associated with the divorce.

How Mid-Missouri Locals Can Prepare For Divorce Mediation? 

When preparing for divorce mediation, ensure you know what you want out of the negotiation and what you are willing to give up. Prior to the mediation session, discuss your wants with a divorce attorney to see how realistic they are. Experienced attorneys will be able to tell you what they have negotiated in the past and whether or not you have a high chance of receiving your terms in the negotiation.

Know What You Want

By having a plan before walking into the mediation meeting, you reduce emotional decision making. It ensures you are able to see the big picture and not get caught up on the minuscule details. Divorce attorneys can also help you throughout the meeting to ensure you do not lose sight of an agreement you previously told them you would not give up on.

Know What You Are Willing to Give Up

It is important to understand that no matter how much you want, sometimes you are not able to receive it all. By prioritizing your wants, you can have a better understanding of which terms you are willing to be a little bit more flexible on. In addition, knowing what is important to your spouse will allow for a more understanding negotiation.

Divorce Mediation Checklist

The Top Five Checklist For Divorce Mediation in Mid-Missouri

Preparation is the most important step when filing for divorce. No one wants unexpected events to occur during a stressful time in their lives. By understanding the divorce process and getting any questions you may have answered can ensure a smooth transition. When contacting and meeting with a mediator, consider the following divorce mediation checklist to ensure you are prepared for your meeting.

Choose a local mediator. 

Laws can be applied differently depending on the county and jurisdiction. Ensure your mediator understands the law in your town and is able to understand cases in your jurisdiction.

Determine fees. 

Whether your divorce mediator charges hourly or by a flat fee, it is important to understand how the meeting will be financed. Also, you will want to discuss with your spouse how the mediation fees will be distributed.

Form agreements prior to the meeting. 

If you and your spouse are willing to meet and determine any agreements before the meeting, it is recommended. It reduces the amount of time spent with a mediator on minuscule agreements. However, it will be important to make sure these agreements are still noted in the final legal agreement.

Organize financial information. 

Have an understanding of your own financial assets and debts to ensure you are acquiring everything you need after the divorce. This can be done with a divorce attorney to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Bring a list of questions. 

Make sure you understand the terms of the agreement and what is being asked by bringing a list of questions with you to every meeting. This ensures questions are not forgotten even during emotional times.

The divorce attorneys at Bandré, Hunt and Snider understand the divorce process can be complicated. Our divorce attorneys in Jefferson City, Mo are here to support you and provide legal guidance to minimize harm. Contact us for more information about your options when filing for divorce.

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