Top 5 Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied In Missouri


Was Your Workers’ Comp Claim Denied in Mid-Missouri? Here’s Why. 

Nobody wants to hear their work injury will not be compensated, no matter how severe it may be. There are a few rules and regulations which could explain the reason why your claim was not accepted in the state of Missouri. However, if your workers compensation injury claim was wrongfully rejected, it is highly important that you contact a workers’ comp lawyer in the mid-Missouri area to resolve the claim.

Personal Injury 

Why Was My Workers Compensation Claim Rejected In Missouri?

The injury did not originate from doing tasks at work 

The Missouri Secretary of State Code of Regulation states “any injury which requires medical aid, other than immediate first aid with no lost time from the employment” should be reported to the division. It is also important that the injury occurred in the workplace while fulfilling work duties. If you were injured while being irresponsible on the job, the fault will likely not be the fault of your employer.

The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation does not cover your injury 

There’s a possibility your injury is not covered under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law. For example, an occupational disease such as carpal tunnel or exposure to radiation occurring after 2005  “must meet the standard of the occupational exposure being the prevailing factor in causing both the resulting medical condition and disability.” Consult with a physician and a lawyer to determine if your injury applies to this clause.

Your personal injury was not reported in time to receive workers’ compensation 

To receive workers’ compensation, one must report the accident to their employer within 30 days of the injury occurring. The employer is also expected to report the incident to the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation in a timely manner. A deliberate failure to do so could result in a fine or imprisonment, so definitely reach out to your local attorney if this is the case. 

Your work injury claim was denied due to a “lack of cooperation” 

Sometimes an insurance company will ask you to provide a recorded description of the injury or accident. Additionally, they may request a medical release form in order to access your medical records. You have the right to decline access to both of these pieces of evidence, but your claim could be denied due to a “lack of cooperation”. In cases like this, you should reach out to a workers’ comp lawyer in Missouri as soon as possible!

A workers’ comp claim was denied due to “pre-existing conditions” 

Sometimes a workers’ compensation claim is rejected if you have certain medical conditions outside of the workplace, such as diabetes or sleep apnea. An insurance company may claim your injury derives from a pre-existing condition. However, speaking with a personal injury lawyer could help you, especially if the workplace has worsened your pre-existing conditions.

What To Do If Your Workers’ Comp Is Denied At Your Job In Missouri

If you feel you’ve been wrongly denied the appropriate compensation for a workplace injury, you should contact a lawyer immediately! Nobody deserves to get hurt at their job without being fairly compensated. There are plenty of personal injury attorneys in the mid-Missouri area that can help you with your case, but when you need quick action and a compassionate team, contact Bandré Hunt & Snider.

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