Bandré, Hunt & Snider’s Guide To Caring For Your Children During Your Divorce

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It Takes a Lot for Children to Process Their Parents’ Divorce. Give Them the Care They Need. 

Getting a divorce in mid-Missouri is difficult for all parties. Between finding a divorce attorney, finding a new home, and negotiating custody, there’s a lot of stress involved. Above all, it’s important to check in with your kids and do your best to help them get through the divorce. Bandré, Hunt & Snider is here to help you guide your child or teenager through your divorce.

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Communicate with your child honestly about the divorce

One of the most important things to do when helping your children through a divorce is to speak to them honestly. Tell them why the divorce is happening, how the process is going to occur, and reassure them they did nothing wrong and this is not their fault.. It is very common for children of separated parents in mid-Missouri to have feelings of guilt because they are left to wonder for themselves. Being transparent with your children and letting them know their insecurities aren’t true is the first step of recovery. 

Stay calm & have empathy when your child is upset about your divorce

Expect your children to be upset when you break the news. It will require patience and empathy to help them process their feelings, and it will probably be different for every child. Aside from guilt, they may also develop feelings of anxiety or perhaps want to distance themselves. The best course of action is to stay calm with your child, keep up a sense of routine for them, and be emotionally present for them. Listen to their needs and try looking at things from their shoes. 

Co-parenting is important. Be cordial towards your ex-spouse throughout the divorce & after

You may not even realize you’re talking badly about your ex in front of your children. But it is vital to keep your children out of unnecessary conflict; making the child feel like they need to pick sides can add a world of stress. Studies show that fighting with your spouse or ex-spouse in front of your children can make them uncomfortable with their identity and harm development. Try your best at co-parenting and show maturity for the sake of your family. 

Reach out to counseling programs for children with separated parents in the Jefferson City, MO area 

Sometimes children of divorce need a third party to talk to. There are plenty of counseling and therapy programs for kids and teenagers dealing with divorce in mid-Missouri. You can ask their teachers or find resources online. It’s important to help yourself as well. Our family attorneys in Jefferson City, MO understand the stress divorce puts on parents. If you are at your best, your kids can be at their best.

Bandré, Hunt & Snider’s Family Attorneys Have Helped Countless Parents Getting Divorced In Mid-Missouri. Let Us Help You. 

Here at Bandré, Hunt & Snider, we want to offer any relief possible to our clients going through divorce. With over 20 years of experience in divorce law, we’ve assisted hundreds of parents and their children through these difficult times. If you’re ready to get started with one of our divorce attorneys, call Bandré, Hunt & Snider today.

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